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  • Call for Papers: AEDSB Session at ASSA 2023

    This is a call for papers to be considered for presentation at the AEDSB session in ASSA 2023 to be held on January 6-8, 2023 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Welcome to AEDSB

A premier organization devoted to the Economic and Development studies of Bangladesh. The AEDSB was established in 1996 and formerly known as Bangladesh Development Forum. It constitutes a professional body of economists, development practitioners and others interested in the development of Bangladesh. It is primarily based in North-America but has members from other parts of the world including Europe, Australia and Bangladesh. It is governed by a nine member elected Executive Body whose current President is Dr. Atonu Rabbani, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Our Activities Include:

ASSA Sessions—

AEDSB has been organizing sessions at the Allied Social Sciences Association (ASSA) Meetings every year. Read More…

CEA Sessions—

AEDSB hosts regular sessions at the annual meetings of Canadian Economic Association (CEA). Read More…

SEA Sessions—

The sessions at Southern Economic Association (SEA) annual meetings are held with partnership of Bangladesh Young Economists (BYE). Read More…

WEAI Sessions—

AEDSB hosts regular sessions at the annual meetings of Western Economic Association International (WEAI). Read More…

Washington Seminar Series—

AEDSB also hosts regular seminars in Washington, D.C. at the World Bank premises on economic development issues related to Bangladesh. The AEDSB Washington Seminar Series on Bangladesh has hosted Prime Ministers, Ministers, and Justices from Bangladesh as well as Bangladeshi and non-Bangladeshi academicians, businessmen, NGO leaders, diplomats, Bankers, civil servants, and World Bank and IMF staff. Read More…


  • Celebrating the life and works of Professor Nurul Islam

    AEDSB recently celebrated the life and works fo Professor Nurul Islam in a webinar. Please find the link for recording at Passcode: #F+BqcL6

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  • Video: AEDSB Session at ASSA 2022

    AEDSB Session 2022 Video. To watch click Read More

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  • AEDSB Session at WEAI, 2022

    Virtual and in-person sessions for AEDSB sponsored 97th WEAI Conference, June 29-July 3, 2022

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Our Activities Include:

Dr. Shahabuddin M. Hossain Best Young Economist Paper Award

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