Call for Papers: AEDSB Session at ASSA 2023

Call for Papers
AEDSB Session at the 2023 ASSA
January 6–8, 2023 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
New Orleans, Louisiana – Hilton Riverside
This is a call for papers to be considered for presentation at the AEDSB session in ASSA 2023 to be held on January 6-8, 2023 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) in New Orleans, Louisiana. A three members
committee consisting of Fahad Khalil, Mushfiq Mobarak, and Reshmaan Hussam will evaluate all the papers. The deadline for submission is the 15th of March, 2022. Authors of accepted papers will be notified by
March 31, 2022. (Note that the last date to submit directly to AEA is April 1, 2021).
If you are interested in submitting, please include the following information when sending the full papers to the organizing committee by EMAIL. In the subject line of the email, please mention “Paper submission for the AEDSB session at ASSA2023 Conference”.

1. Title of paper.
2. Author’s (and co-author’s) name, address, affiliation, fax number, telephone number, and E-mail
3. Two JEL code classifications – a complete list of JEL codes is available at
4. An Abstract of the Paper

Organizing Committee
A. Mushfiq Mobarak, Yale University, Email:
Reshmaan Hussam, Harvard Business School, Email:

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