AEDSB Session at WEAI, 2022

In-Person Session

Session Organizer: Sakib Mahmud, University of Wisconsin-Superior (

Session Title: Technology Adoption, Environmental Quality, and Energy Contracts

Chair: Fahad Khalil, University of Washington (

Paper 1: Long-term Contracts and Efficiency in the Liquefied Natural Gas Industry

Nahim Bin Zahur, Queens University (

Paper 2: Adoption of Mobile Health Services and Its Impact: Experimental Evidence from Bangladesh

Md. Ferdous Zaman Sardar, University of Washington (

Paper 3: Does Environmental Quality Affect Education? Evidence from Air Pollution and School Attendance in the United States

Muhtasin-Ul-Aziz, West Virginia University (

Elbakidze, Levan, West Virginia University (

Paper 4: Roles of Credit, Insurance, and Attitudes toward Uncertainty on Agricultural Technology Adoption: Experimental Evidence from Bangladesh

Ahsanuzzman, University of Maryland (

Asad Karim Khan Priyo, North South University (

Kanti Ananta Niuzhat, North South University (

Discussant 1:  Mohammad Ahsanuzzman on Paper 1 (

Discussant 2: Muhtasin-Ul-Aziz on Paper 2 (

Discussant 3:  Md. Ferdous Zaman Sardar on Paper 3 (

Discussant 4: Nahim Bin Zahur on Paper 4 (

Virtual Session

Session Organizer: Shaikh Eskander, Kingston University London, (

Session Title: Emerging Development Issues: Bangladesh and Beyond

Chair: Pallab Majumder, Florida International University (

Paper 1: Does Fuel Pricing Affect Males and Females Differently? Evidence from Kerosene Using Households in Rural Bangladesh

Tahreen Tahrima Chowdhury*, Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (

KAS Murshid, Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies

Paper 2: Across educational streams in Bangladesh: Differences in employment but not in returns

Rubaiya Murshed, University of Cambridge (

Paper 3: Effects of Safety Law Enforcement on the Manufacturing Industry in a Developing Country: Evidence from a Multinational Involvement in the Apparel Sector of Bangladesh

Shahida Pervin, GRIPS,

Paper 4: Do remittances protect against child marriages: The Rohingyas in Bangladesh?

Mir Angkur, Western Michigan University,

Discussant 1:  Mir Angkur on Paper 1 (

Discussant 2: Shahida Pervin on Paper 2 (

Discussant 3: Tahreen Tahrima Chowdhury on Paper 3 (

Discussant 4: Rubaiya Murshed on Paper 4 (

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