Job Candidates 2021-2022

Job Market Candidates 2021-2022

NameSchoolResearch AreaMain SupervisorTitle of the Job Market Paper
Israt JahanTexas Tech UniversityDevelopment Economics, Institutions, Entrepreneurship, Corruption and Gender,  Professor Jamie Bologna PavlikDo Longer Constitutions Corrupt?
Email: israt.jahan@ttu.eduInformal Employment 
Tel. No.: 806-778-3496
Md Ferdous Zaman SardarUniversity of Washington, Seattle, USADevelopment Economics, Health Economics, Labor EconomicsProf. Rachel HeathAdoption and Impact of Mobile Health Services: Experimental Evidence from Bangladesh
Tel. No.: 989-854-9586 
Syed Al-Helal UddinFlorida International University, FL, USAInternational Economics, Macroeconomics, Macro-based behavioral EconomicsProf. Hakan YilmazkudayImmigration and Trade: Extensive versus Intensive Margins Across Skill and Product Quality.
Tel. No.: 515-708-7133 

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