The Association for Economic and Development Studies on Bangladesh (AEDSB) is a professional body of economists, development practitioners, and others interested in the development of Bangladesh. It is primarily based in North America but has members from other parts of the world including Europe, Australia, and Bangladesh. The AEDSB was established in 1986 and, till 1990, was known as the Bangladesh Development Forum.

The AEDSB has three major aims:

To encourage and facilitate research on development issues of Bangladesh and help in the wide dissemination of the findings of such research.

To promote policy reforms in Bangladesh through dialogue with policy-makers and opinion-leaders, and through the dissemination of relevant knowledge and ideas, especially those based on cross-country experience and international best-practice.

To facilitate fruitful collaboration between Bangladeshi and other interested professionals living abroad and researchers, policy-makers, opinion leaders, and development agents in Bangladesh.

AEDSB uses various mechanisms to further these goals including seminars, conferences, newsletters, and other forms of information dissemination. It is a member of the Allied Social Sciences Association (ASSA) and regularly holds an academic sessions at the ASSA meetings. Its affairs are run by a nine-member Executive Committee elected for a two-year term.