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Sessions at 89th Annual Meeting of the Southern Economic Association


The Association for Economic and Development Studies on Bangladesh (AEDSB) and Bangladesh Young Economists (BYE) have organized a session at the 89th Annual Meeting of the Southern Economic Association in Fort Lauderdale, FL (November 23 - 25, 2019)


1:00 - 2:45 p.m.
Session 1.C.18
Issues in Healthcare, Information Costs, and Agglomeration
Organizers: Nazneen Ahmad, Weber State University
Session Chair: Muhammad Mudabbir Husain, Johns Hopkins University

Effect of Mother’s Education on Child Health and Son Preference: Evidence from Bangladesh
Ishtiaque Fazlul, Georgia State University

Child Support, Foster Care, and Care Dependency Grants and Time Use in South Africa
Tanima Ahmed, American University

Information Costs and The Law of One Price: The Impact of Radio Broadcast on Commodity Prices in Nigeria
Olajide Idris Sanusi, United Arab Emirates University
Akm Mahbub Morshed, Southern Illinois University

Automation and Agglomeration
Md. Deen Islam, Boston University

Determinants of Healthcare Expenditure of a Resource-Constrained Community: Evidence from Rickshaw Pullers
Nazmul Islam, Colgate University