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AEDSB/BYE Session at the 42nd Annual Meeting of Canadian Economic Association (CEA)

Vancouver (June 6 - 9, 2008)


Proposed session by Bangladesh Young Economists (BYE) and Association for Economic and Development Studies on Bangladesh (AEDSB)

Session Title: "Microfinance: Poverty, Health and Female Empowerment

Chair: Syed M. Ahsan, Concordia University


A Welfare Economic Analysis of the Impact of Microfinance in Bangladesh [paper]
Nigar Nargis (University of Dhaka)
AKM Ghulam Hussain (University of Dhaka)

What determines female autonomy? Evidence from Bangladesh [paper]
Siwan Anderson (University of British Columbia)
Mukesh Eswaran (UBC)

Helping Poor Women's Health: an evaluation of a microcredit program targeted at the poorest in Bangladesh [paper]
Franque Grimard (McGill University)
Vivek Prakash (McGill University)


Siwan Anderson (University of British Columbia)
Franque Grimard (McGill University)
Kim Lehrer (University of British Columbia)

Organizing Committee:

Prof Syed Ahsan, Concordia University, syed.ahsan@concordia.ca
Prof Mahmudul Anam, York University, manam@econ.yorku.ca
Subrata Sarker, University of British Columbia, ssarker@interchange.ubc.ca


*The names in bold indentify the paper presenters.