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AEDSB Best Paper Awards


AEDSB Best Paper Award 2016

Mahnaz Islam for the paper Can a Rule-of-Thumb Tool Improve Fertilizer Management? Experimental Evidence from Bangladesh Link to the Paper


AEDSB Best Paper Award 2015

Md. Nazmul Ahsan for the paper Do Parents Selectively Time Birth Relative to Ramadan? Evidence from Matlab, Bangladesh Link to the Paper


AEDSB Best Paper Award 2014

Urmee Khan for the paper The Virtues of Hesitation (joint with Maxwell Stinchcombe), American Economic Review, March 2015, 105(3), pp. 1147 - 76 Link to the Paper


AEDSB Best Paper Award 2013

Reshad Ahsan for the paper Input Tariffs, Speed of Contract Enforcement, and the Productivity of Firms in India, Journal of International Economics, May 2013, 90(1), pp. 180-192


AEDSB Best Paper Award 2012

Quamrul Ashraf for the paper Dynamics and Stagnation in the Malthusian Epoch (joint with Oded Galor), American Economic Review, August 2011, 101(5), pp. 2003-2041


AEDSB Best Paper Award 2011

Mir Salim for the paper "Revealed Objective Functions of Microfinance Institutions: Evidence from Bangladesh"

Romel Mostafa for the paper "Industrial Development through Tacit Knowledge Seeding: Evidence from the Bangladesh Garment"