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ASSA 2017, Chicago

 Date: January 06, 2017

Time: 12.30pm

Location: Hyatt Regency Chicago, Comiskey


Session Title: Empirical Research in Development Economics

JEL Code: O1

Presiding:  Farida Khan (University of Wisconsin-Parkside)


Paper Titles, Authors and Presenters (in bold):

Mitigating the Impact on Human Health of Groundwater Contamination with Arsenic in Bangladesh: Overcoming the Current Stagnation (paper1 and paper2)

Lex Van Green (Columbia University)
Kazi Matin Ahmed (University of Dhaka)


Community Participation in Decision-Making Evidence From an Experiment in Providing Safe Drinking Water in Bangladesh (paper)
Malgosia Madajewicz (Columbia University)
Anna Tompsett (Stockholm University)
Ahasan Habib (NGO Forum for Public Health)


Auctioneers as Market Makers: Managing Momentum in Chittagong Tea Auctions (paper)
Tanjim Hossain (University of Toronto)
Fahad Khalil (University of Washington)
Matthew Shum (California Institute of Technology)


Why Do Poor People Co-Hold Debt and Liquid Savings? (paper)

Carolina Laureti (CERMI and Free University of Brussels)



Adhvaryu Achyuta (University of Michigan)
Judy Chevalier (Yale University)
Yasuyuki Sawada (University of Tokyo)
Teevrat Garg (University of California-San Diego)

Annual General Meeting will be held at 2.30pm in the same room.