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ASSA 2015, Boston

 Date: January 03, 2015

Time: 2.30pm

Location: Boston Marriott Copley, Maine


Session Title: Development Issues on Bangladesh

JEL Code: O1, D1

Presiding:  Fahad Khalil (University of Washington)


Paper Titles, Authors and Presenters (in bold):

Do Parents Selectively Time Birth Relative to Ramadan? Evidence from Matlab, Bangladesh (paper)

Md. Nazmul Ahsan (University of Southern California)


Evolution of Mehr and Dowry among Muslims in Bangladesh: Natural Shocks as an Explanation (paper)

Shyamal Chowdhury (University of Sydney)
Debdulal Mallick (Deakin University)


Economic Impact of Political Protests (Strikes) on Firms: Evidence from Bangladesh (paper)

Abu Shonchoy (Institute of Developing Economies-JETRO and University of Tokyo)
Kenmei Tsubota (Institute of Developing Economies-JETRO)


Seasonal Migration and Risk Sharing in Bangladesh (paper)

Melanie Morten (Stanford University)
Costas Meghir (Yale University and Institute for Fiscal Studies)
Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak (Yale University)
Corina Mommaerts (Yale University)



Douglas Almond (Columbia University)
Andrew D. Foster (Brown University)
Tanjim Hossain (University of Toronto)
Alessandra Voena (University of Chicago)

Annual General Meeting will be held right after the regular session in the same room.