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ASSA 2013, San Diego

 Date: January 04, 2013

Time: 2.30pm

Location: Manchester Grand Hyatt, Ford A


Session Title: Improving the lives of poor and ultra-poor: Arsenic Information, Empowerment of Adolescents, Entrepreneurship, and SME

JEL Code: O1

Presiding:   Fahad Khalil (University of Washington)


Paper Titles, Authors and Presenters (in bold):

Impacts of a Randomized Controlled Trial in Arsenic Risk Communication on Household Water Supply Choices in Bangladesh

Lori Bennear (Duke University)
Alessandro Tarozzi (Duke University)
Alexander Pfaff (Duke University)
Soumya Balasubramanya (Duke University)
Kazi Matin Ahmed (University of Dhaka)

Can Entrepreneurship Programs Transform the Lives of the Poor?

Oriana Bandiera (London School Economics)
Robin Burgess (London School Economics)
Selim Gulesci (Universita Bocconi)
Imran Rasul (University College London)
Sulaiman Sulaiman (London School Economics)

Adolescent Empowerment and Female Schooling Attainment: Results from a Field Experiment in Rural Bangladesh

Erica Field (Harvard University)
Rachel Glennerster (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Is Micro Too Small? Microcredit vs. SME Finance

Jonathan Bauchet (New York University)
Jonathan Morduch (New York University)



Pallab Mazumder (Florida International University)
Craig Mcintosh (University of California-San Diego)
Asadul Islam (Monash University)
Forhad Shilpi (World Bank)

Annual General Meeting will be held right after the regular session in the same room.