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ASSA 2008, New Orleans


The AEDSB 2008 session at the AEA/ASSA 2008 meetings in New Orleans will be held on


FRIDAY, JANUARY 4, 10.15am at the Sheraton Hotel EVERGREEN room.


ASSOCIATION: AEDSB (Association for Economic and Development Studies on Bangladesh)


PRESIDING:     Farida Khan, University of Wisconsin-Parkside; Email: faridackhan@gmail.com


                        Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak, Yale School of Management; Email: ahmed.mobarak@yale.edu


PAPERS TO BE PRESENTED (with name of Presenter in Caps)


  1. Shareen Joshi (University of Chicago) and T. PAUL SCHULTZ (Yale University),

“Family Planning as an Investment in Development: Evaluation of a Program’s Consequences in Matlab, Bangladesh” [pdf]


  1. Siwan Anderson (University of British Columbia) and MUKESH ESWARAN (University of British Columbia),

“What Determines Female Autonomy? Evidence from Bangladesh” [pdf]


  1. Mark M. Pitt (Brown University), MARK R. ROSENZWEIG (Yale University), Md. Nazmul Hassan (University of Dhaka),

“Short- and Long-Term Health Effects of Burning Biomass in the Home in Low-Income Countries”




            Edward Miguel, UC-Berkeley

            Shahe Emran, George Washington University

            Third Discussant TBD



1.       Farhad Ameen, SUNY-WCC, USA

2.       Minhaj Mahmud, Queens University - Belfast [pdf]

3.       Pataporn Sukantamarn, University of Adelaide, Australia




Annual General Meeting will be held following the session

 Time: 12.15pm-2.15pm

Location: Evergreen Room at Sheraton Hotel